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The Scents of Georgio Armani

!±8± The Scents of Georgio Armani

Georgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer that is renowned for his elegant fashion line for men. The Armini Empire has become larger throughout the years and had widened their collections to accommodate both men and women. In the year 1982, Georgio Armani added perfumes and fragrances in his long lists of excellent products and creations.

The perfumes are produced for men and the fragrances are for women. Included among the most famous and best-seller brands of Armani perfumes and fragrances are the following:

o Armani Cologne by Giorgio Armani for Men
This is a must-have for gentlemen of impeccable style. The scent is clean and not overwhelming with a citrusy hint of whiff of cedar, clove, lavender, nutmeg, bergamot and patchouli. This cologne is best worn with an evening wear like a formal tux or a three piece suit.

o Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani for Men
For a splash of nature and a hint of paradise, this perfume is for men who want to feel cool and refreshed. The aroma of the perfume conveys masculinity scents of woods and herbs.

o Sensi Perfume by Giorgio Armani for Women
Sensi Perfume is a fragrance for women who wish to rouse her sensuality. It has a modern floral fragrance with a hint of oriental romance. It has a casual sophistication with an intense floral softness.

o Armani Code by Giorgio Armani for Women
This is a fragrance for a woman with quite simplicity yet mysteriously captivating. Armani Code for Women scents of vanilla and honey will add to a woman's secret that men will clearly yearn for.

The Scents of Georgio Armani

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