Monday, November 7, 2011

The Great Cologne Experiment

!±8± The Great Cologne Experiment

Have you ever wondered if you wear a certain type of cologne, will it draw more attention from the opposite sex to you? Do you ever stop to wonder if certain types of fragrances or scents really in fact do attract certain types of people to you? These types of questions were running through my mind and it was driving me nuts trying to figure out if the myth is true or not. So I finally broke down and did a little experiment one weekend to find out if a certain type of fragrance attracts more attention from the opposite sex.

As you know there are many different types of men's cologne and women's fragrances out on the market today that smell great and some that well, you know, the kind of fragrance that makes turn and walk in the other room because the smell is either too powerful or just plain smells horrible. But, on the other hand there are many different types of men's cologne and women's fragrance that just smell so darn good that you just have to go out and buy it the moment you smell someone wearing it. This was to be the basis of my experiment.

The weekend was finally here and I began to start getting things into place for my experiment. I had my girlfriend and her sister come over and start getting ready and plan this big experiment. The funny part about this experiment is that my girlfriend Valerie and her sister Patricia are identical twins. Their ages are only separated by minutes but they look exactly the same. The only difference between them is Patricia has a little birthmark on her cheek, kind of like Cindy Crawford, and well Valerie has a birthmark somewhere only I know about. I explained the game plan of how my experiment was going to work. I had Valerie spray on her best smelling women's perfume before we left the house. She chose to put on Sensi for women. It was designed by Georgio Armani. I don't know if you have ever smelled it before but the stuff smells awesome. I had Patricia just wear an outfit that resembled the outfit that Valerie was wearing but it wasn't exactly the same. Either way, they both were looking hot .My other friends were going to meet us up at the new nightclub that opened up in South Beach Miami called Mansion. Needless to say this was going to be a fun night.

My Great cologne experiment was to work like this. I was going to have Valerie sit at the lower level bar and mingle with one of her friends. I was going to be standing around a little ways back and just watch to see what kind of attention she would get. Remember, Valerie is the one wearing the perfume. Next I had Patricia go to the upper level bar and mingle with her friend as well. I had my friend Mark go with her and watch to see what happens and let me know by text message what was going on.

One hour had passed and by this time the club was insane. Valerie already had received two free drinks just by sitting at the bar and talking with her friend. I sent a text message to my friend Mark to see if anything was going on with Patricia. He replied "nothing so far, the bar tender did send her a free drink." This was very interesting to me. My experiment was working the way I thought it would work.

Another hour has passed and by now the club is getting even more crowded. Again, Valerie was receiving some more attention. This time a dork gave her his phone number. She took the napkin that the number was on and used it to wipe the condensation off her drink. I couldn't help but to laugh. Still things were slow with Patricia, only the bar tender was showing interest in her. Mind you these are not your average girls. I am surprised Patricia was not getting the attention that she normally does.

The night was ending and we decided to leave and go home and talk about this experiment. Valerie told me that not only did she have guys asking her what kind of perfume she was wearing. She was also getting asked by girls as well. She also told me that she thought since she was wearing the perfume it made it easier for guys to break the ice with her and begin a conversation. They all used the same line "what kind of perfume is that?" Patricia told me that the bar tender thought she was a cool chick to hang out with, that's why he kept buying her drinks. She also said"maybe since the bar tender was buying me drinks and talking with me most of the night, maybe the other guys thought I was his boyfriend, who knows."

Either way my experiment worked. Valerie wore her discount perfume and received more attention not only from the opposite sex but other women as well. Patricia didn't do so well but that could have been because of the bar tender. You never know, she may have looked like she was already taken for the night. But, my experiment did prove that wearing a nice smelling cologne or perfume will attract more attention. It's your choice if you want to wear a nice smelling fragrance or not. I always do when I go out for a night on the town. But since this experiment, I realize there is a lot more to wearing mens cologne or womens fragrance then meets the eye.

The Great Cologne Experiment

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